Sunday, March 27, 2011

New yarny goodness

What a wonderful, whirlwind weekend! Combining late Lise birthday, Anniversaryishness, and really-really celebrating having Both Days of a weekend off at the Same Time (!) I took Lise off to Monterey for the weekend.

There was a special member night event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, so we took our time, and finally stopped in to 'splore Purlescence Yarns. Delightful encounters with the store owners, astonishment that we haven't already known one another for decades or lifetimes, chat about the Nova Albion Steampunk Expo at the Hilton attached to the Santa Clara Convention Ctr (yes, where Stitches West is, and CNCH 2010 was); perhaps we'd wander back on Sunday in time to prowl the vendor halls, which as it turns out, we did. Purlescence Yarns do spinning, some weaving support, are Schacht dealers (yay!) And have a splendidly Stuffed storefront just off El Camino, with tools and batts and roving and YARN and scrumptipus samples, and happy customers knitting in comfy chairs and…you get the idea. This LYS is thriving, well-deservedly. Yum.

Well provisioned with fiber, we hungrily stumbled upon a local independent barbeque joint, H Butler's BBQ and treated ourselves to some of the. Best. Q. I've had in a long while. Okay, the brisket was a little dry, but the ribs, and sliced pork Lise had, could not have been more perfectly done.

We drove on through the steadily pouring rain (day 13, slides closing off Big Sur, Capitola flash flooded, wet), took the early Del Monte exit in Seaside and played talking billboards through town, & checked in at ye Holiday Inn Express 3 miles & $100 less than the one 3 blocks from the aquarium, happily.

Prowling onward, we next 'splored over to the new Twisted Stitch at 400 Foam St, yes four count them blocks from the aquarium, yay, where Dawn has some great design ideas and a splendid beginning to a knitted/crocheted kelp forest going. Wouldn't it be interesting to weave some kelp, though!

I'm up to about 4:30 on Saturday, and willcontinue this rambling post later.

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  1. Sounds fab! Happy birthday & anniversariness as appropriate.