Sunday, April 21, 2002

Staggering off to find a piece of pizza for late lunch, and perhaps off to water the garden?
Tomorrow is Angeles Arrien talk, part of a CIIS lecture series; free admin for working the door; a sweet deal.
Angeles writes about symbolsim and creativity; I'm editing a thesis she's referenced in, the folks out at the artistsjournals2 yahoogroup love her book, and I'm looking forward to hearing what she's about in this talk; and seeing what she's like in person.
1:30 on Sunday, and yesterday in bed totally zonked out till 11:30 am; yet another weekend in the upstairs neighbor's band of boyrs who come over on Friday evening and stay through Sunday afternoon, and are AWAKE, making noise, ALL NIGHT LONG, despite clauses in the lease. At least repeated complaints and a complaint directly to the very responsive landlords who love this place, having lived in it for many years, resulted in music being turned down when we call and ask (at 12:30, not at 11:00 when the lease states quiet hours are).
All this subtle loss of sleep on the weekends for months is, I think, sapping our energy; is certainly not helping my health any by kicking the weekend circadian cycles around half the day. I was up at 4am this morning with the upstairs conversational noise, and worked on the contract editing I have here to do, but zonked out again at 7:15 when things finally got quiet.
Now they're doing laundry for the guests, vaccuuming all over (a daily ritual, I think the one who has a cat looking to her even though she keeps it outside 90% of the 24-hour day is either allergic or obsessive-compulsive).
It would be a drag to have to move from this lovely home just to seek out a decent night's sleep...but how far can we reasonably push back to this thinks-she's-being-the-soul-of-reason by being willing to turn down the music?
Beginning of March, she made no response to our coming up and pounding on the door, only after complaining vigorously to the landlords, who had a talk with her, did we get her phone number and her stated willingness to be responsive to a phone call requesting quiet.
This sleep deprivation on the weekends is really painful.

Friday, April 19, 2002

What I'm up to today: editing theses: client work. Monday I start a month stint in previous employer's abode; it'll be delightful both to see and work with these friends again, mostly; and it'll be good to have an End Date so I can put up with the one I really can't abide working with for very long. They'll have the chance to hire in a new person and do some training, and off we'll go!
it'll be a little wierd, since they had to fire my replacement desktop publisher guy for just not showing up on time, and not wanting to work. Glad he's not the one I hired, ew...
Well, it's been a long time since I posted here; does that mean I'm not up for this online blogging thing?
Or just that I'm getting my journaling cravings out in the artistsjournals2 yahoogroup, my monthly zine to LASFAPA, and life offline?
Who knows. I'll continue this thing with at least a touchpoint as often as I think of it, and If another several months go by with no noise, give it over for other more exciting hobbies, like GNU shogi.