Thursday, March 31, 2011

More of the weekend at Monterey

Great time in Monterey last weekend, continued for completeness - we stayed in the cosy and quiet Holiday Inn Express on the lagoon in Seaside, all of 3 miles from the Aquarium on Del Monte road; of course spending the extra $100 plus saved by not staying right on Cannery Row on yarn. Naturally!

There's a new yarn shop in town, the Twisted Stitch, at 400 Foam, and we like it, and the owner, Dawn, very much. She's got a great start on a collaborative project, a kelp forest knit / crocheted, etc. which gives rise to a great idea: how cool tubular cardweaving would be for making kelp, where you could at once weave both stems and leaves, attached and floating.  Seeing a nutibracht right *there* on a kelp frond at the upper window of the kelp forest tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium doesn't hurt the imagination a bit, either.

Well, the dude in the ice cream and Beatles memorabelia shoppe in Pacific Grove is as out there as ever, and serving up the best ice cream ditto likewise. The rain stopped long enough for us to have a little stroll out at Lover's Point, and interact with a little ground squirrel and smell the after-rain astonishment of alyssum.

Member evening at the Aquarium included behind-the-scenes areas, show-and-tell with the docents, lots of families, which is always delightful to see. Sunday morning we came back again, to enjoy the views of our favorites again and spend a little quieter time enjoying the otters who are, face it, preternaturally cute.

So now it's time for me to figure out how to get photos up on this thing, so I can get to posting about the fiber arts goodness that's currently on the loom...

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