Friday, March 04, 2011


Some things I'm grateful for and about:

  • Lise, my sweet wife, collaborator, co-dreamer/gardener/cook/practical manifestor of all that we do; She With Whom.
  • The sacred work I get to do: editing dissertations - sure, parts of the practical work are tedious, what production work isn't? and the final product, helping folks perfect their distilled years of work and study into a beautifully published academic work, getting to go hands-on and citation/reference deep into the underpinnings of them, along with that small bit of edit-coaching towards the end of the whole process, is a sacred midwifery that fills my heart.
  • The fun work I get to do: customer service at REI, part time for the past three years at this point; great company and companionship in the workplace, delightful stuff, service, and stewardship; the balance of getting out from behind the computer keyboard several days a week and additional encouragement to get further outside and play, is good in so many ways. 
  • Fiber arts folks - from the myriad little opportunities to demonstrate the love of weaving, to getting to study and learn with others who share this fascination, from hobby to vocation levels.
  • Spinning and spinners - same as above, specifically to the turning of fluff into yarn, yarn, yarn. 
  • Music - and those dancers who call me to play for the dance, even though that hasn't been the lifebreath of my attention quite as much in the last few years, it's Still there, and Still really matters. It was good to play for Gridlock at this year's Midwinter Day of Dance, and it'll be fun to re-connect with folks and play for the spring Ale, if that's the happening thing (invite came, cleared my calendar, need to follow-up and pay my share for the weekend dance camp part of it all); and the workshop Norton's Guard did for Pantheacon was a lot of fun - we had six sets up!
  • Twitter, Facebook, LJ, emails, and we'll see about rekindling this blog, for keeping connections flowing with dear hearts
  • In a microcosm, Barbara Shapiro and her excellent work in developing the idea of a Greener Indigo into various sized classes, a four-week section I just completed through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and the joy of dyeing with indigo in a non-toxic dyebath;
  • For the napkin/serviette exchange being run in 2011 by Su Butler, for which I have a warp on the Norwood now, no matter that it took five busy weeks to brave the time to just get it all warped up, threaded, through the reed and tied up (with! no twisted threads, ta-da), and started weaving today!

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