Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Took hoome a new elder kitty last night; things were coming to a head with Norm about Eve's cat; and it was either time to give her away or put her down. Which would be just Not Quite Right. After last year's kitty hospice, I'm ready to try another cat who has a longer life left in her; Isabella at 16 has the issue of shitting under her unliked-human's woodworking bench in the sawdust and wood shavings all around... I'm hoping she takes to the litterbox with us. It would be a major issue if she doesn't; but then there's the dilemna right away - Norm was ready to put her down; what if she doesn't work out with us? We'll give it a good try, anyhow. She's a dear qat.

Kitty clung to me nearly all the way home; (no hands, even) but walked gently over to the passenger seat to let me use both hands to shift, as long as I kept petting her.
She looked up and around as we pulled up in front of the house; and came into the house easily in my arms (no wiggle, no striggule); sat on our laps for a while, and decided to go under the couch while I went to go park the car, where she remains. We set up food and water and showed her those, though she WASN'T about to get out of my arms at that point; and we set up the litterbox in the bathroom, ditto with talking and showing but she was staying in my arms... when we showed her the food and water dish she tucked her head firmly under my chin and got to purring.
After retiring to the safety of UnderCouch CatCave, where she spent the night.

She came close enough to see me and purr a little when I got down to see how she was doing and chat with her a little... I think she's just going to take her time checking out the new place, which is fine...

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