Thursday, May 16, 2002

I hadn't published how the paper marbling went!
I pulled about 18 sheets of letter sized light-blue paper; using liquitex acrylics thinned with water and oxgall (Dharma had shipped by USPS instead of UPS and had NO tracking info and NO confirmation of shipping, the second of their usual 2-email order processing system. It arrived later the next week...) - clue #1 - the USPS is still SLOW from San Rafael to the City; and it's best to choose UPS from Dharma.
t'other part is that it's best to see if one small goodie can be found in town... too bad Daniel Smith was out of it; I could have gotten all at once and that would have been a Happy Thing.

The pages turned out well, I liked them all except for the first.

I was playing with the size as it gelled up; that's something that will come with time and practice. Given sizing made ahead of time, this is a two-hour project for what I have room to lay out drying, and requires the whole kitchen table clear.
The baking sheet is a good working 'bin' for the size.

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