Saturday, May 04, 2002

look around you, in your little ship. what could you let go of?
What could you let go of knowing for sure?

(dream phrase)

and then I woke up.
It's noon Saturday; I'm ready to try paper marbling, but Dharma didn't ship my ox gall to help spread the paint out on the sizing, so now that Sinopia is open I'm going down there to see if they have any. I bet they do... Kremer pigments, amber varnishes from The Alchemist (good enough to use on a fiddle!), gold leafing supplies, and they're a whole one block from where I live in the Mission District of San Francisco!
I love this town.

Other highlights from the morning: walking down to the Chinese everything store (imports) on Mission Avenue between 22d and 23rd in the old movie house; and got a big bluey-green glazed pot to plant the dwarf blood orange tree in... Lise is curled up with a good book and a bad cough but Finally a day of rest.

The methylcellulose sizing for marbling on, sets up like jello: you pour 4 cups boiling water over 1/4 cup of the powder, stir it gently (trying to avoid bubbles) and then add 4 cups water; with ice if you like. 15 minutes later it was jellyish on the bottom and still sort of watery on the top: next time I'll stir again lightly every five minutes while it sets.
I've stirred it up again and poured it into a baking sheet (half-sheet tray).
Got my Liquitex paints, got straw bundled up into stirring-and-dropping-onto-the-size whisks, and when I get back from Sinopia then I'll try adjusting the mix of paint thinned in water with the ox gall and see how well it spreads out on the surface.
blue paper stroked with alum solution is mainly dry.
The notes from the art supply catalog website are being greatly useful.

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