Saturday, November 17, 2001

The rains have come this week, and there are mushrooms poking up out of the ground in our backyard. I think the ones over between the strawberries and the rosemary bush may be a form of collybia, and haven't even brought in the big white one over in the far corner near the marigolds to key out at
California gardening patterns are so wierd, (though marvellous) having grown up in Minnesota. There's no rain here from April till November or so; summers are cold with the fog that the "stinkin' heat" over in the Central Valley pulls in over our heads on the coast (midwinter is warmer than midsummer!) and the rains that pass for "winter" here keep making me think it's April-in-Minnesota - time to plant greens! I could spend a few decades getting used to this. 'shrooms in the garden are an amazement anyhow...
love, Ruth

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