Friday, November 02, 2001

3895 words down in my 'novel' file in the NaNoWriMo write a novel in a month 'contest' -- there's something just viscerally appealing about how simple it is to set out a 'contest' where everyone who makes the 50,000 word line by November 30 is a winner... and who knows, perhaps it's possible to create something coherent?
At the moment, I seem to be scribbling vignettes from my life and those around me over the past year and a half; and plan to deal with those scary emotions about how to deal wtih a slow debilitating disease or two (diabetes and having one's retina detach slooowwwwly and painlessly...and coming down with nasty asthma during the rainy season while working in an Old office in a fusty mildewy pier building) and what it's all going to mean about work and ability issues and how painful it is to run into the walls of what you can't do any more, the way y'once could...
Id the safe walls of fiction and write the nasty true stories of Girlfriend's former workplace and the stoopid managment decisions that have run the place into the Ground, a bad situation for any service profession that was started with an intent to be run as a charity health caregiving deal...
And then there's our dear neighbor, a Viet Nam era vet who lives in his van and rolls with the big hardships of his life, and goes to pieces over the small but personal injustices, like being ripped off by other homeless folks with even less than he has. *sigh.*
Of course, because it's me, it'll poke through all these tragic and sacred everyday living happenings and wind up with happy ending of hope claimed and nurtured and passed along from heart to heart.
Love is the most powerful thing there can possibly be, after all.

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