Saturday, June 01, 2002

a recent response to someone about art swaps and not counting beans about what one is getting (the mails delay and sometimes fail to deliver all postcard art; most on the list are into it for the making and sending of lovelies and the sharing...and some folks get overwhelmed and don't get theirs out on time. while remembering that life trumps work and work trumps your volunteer activities, I'm all for busting guilt in the chops with a broad
backand of grace, and weeding it out by the roots with the fertile rain
of goodies, because goodness and gifties, like all love, are not about
being barter situations...

Kitty has been to the vet and back, for general checkup and lookover.
She's a fine, fit sixteen year old Lady, and loves (a) the untreated-wood sawdust pellet litter and (b) getting a taste of canned food once a day and we love that she only eats half as much and shits half as much of the good dry food as she had of the darned Friskies. That had to be hard on a cat.

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