Wednesday, October 31, 2001

well, I've gone and done it now - I've signed up at NaNoWriMo to scrive a novel in the month of November this year -- that means, 50,000 words, starting tomorrow...!!
a near-gloss fictionalization of the past year from Spring to Spring in SF will do it for me; exorcise some o those demons, tell all the juicy dirt about Baaaaad management decision over at GF's workplace, follow a few personal effects of the dot-bomb going down, write in our dear friend and neighbor, a vet who lives in his van and goes to pieces over certain hard knocks but rolls like a serene buddha with the Big calamities and small indignities of his life.
Vignettes of the City, snarls and setbacks, a protagonist reaching for hope in the face of slow disabling functions and looking for the great What's Next? in the face of a wobbly economy.
Hope springs green - of course it's gonna have a happy ending! I'm the one writing it!

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