Thursday, September 20, 2001

Online communities are one place I find coonnection with old and new friends, inspiration, challenge, comfort and communication. The lists I touch base with include the English Country Dance list

yahoo groups:

French-ok - being my retired french-teacher father's daily postings of readings in french and english - a delightful sometimes whimsical outlet for his unending source of storytelling and occasionaly bursts of poetry.

artistsjournals - a place where artists who journal, or do art in their journals, meet and swap projects, ideas, inspiration, occasional journal entries, sources of stuffe, techniques and calls for art.

botmzines - where a bimonthly art-zine swap touches base.

ComparativeTarot - a wild and eclectic bunch o' folk who love the art and spirit of tarot decks. Many, many decks. Look, here's another one with an interesting twist on the imagery of *that* card! Excellent juicy archives of study and thought and mythic exploration.

I also enjoy poking about at and am very taken with the project as well as the new circlejournals yahoo group. Where cyberspace punts us back into actually making and swapping Real Things through the mail - swaps and collaborative artworks and serially-collaborative journals. Good for the soul.

I also attend to private group and family sites - a yahoo group of cousins on my dad's side of the family, named for his mother and dedicated (so far) to her descendants. It's been fun looking at the photos and old news clippings some of us had, and have shared, as well as hearing more from far-clung cousins in the past couple o' years than I have in the previous few decades. Oh yeah, that's what email and the 'net are for.

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